Today brought more badly needed rain and more greatly appreciated wildlife!

In the morning we got good looks at 100 common dolphins in crystal-clear water and four blue whales with more spouts in the distance. The afternoon brought some summer showers, but even more whales and dolphins! Six bottlenose dolphins, 300 common dolphins, and another nine blue whales. On both trips we were able to briefly see sub-surface feeding, with the layer of krill the blue whales were feeding on located just under the surface.

Despite the wet conditions, everyone had a blast and I got some great photos on both trips! It was hard to narrow it down, so enjoy a few more pictures than usual today smile emoticon

See you tomorrow!



blue 3 7.19 blue 2 7.19 blue 27.19 blue 7.19 common group 7.19 common 2 7.19 common 7.19 common baby 7.19