Another fluke-tastic day on the water!

In the morning we caught up with an old friend that we’ve seen before (6/21/15), a large adult blue with floppy tail flukes. We also saw another blue whale and 200 common dolphins. The afternoon proved even more successful with at least 7 more blue whales and 200 more common dolphins. We got to see another set of tail flukes in the afternoon, belonging to what I presume to be a small calf. We also saw a mystery whale breaching in the distance. We are fairly certain it was a minke whale, but don’t have pictures to be able to confirm. Either way, the splashes were big!

You know the drill folks – if you want to come out, book NOW since spots are going fast during this, one of our most successful whale-watching seasons to date!



blue fluke boat 7.26 blue 7.26 common 2 7.26 common 7.26 blue fluke 7.26 blue spout 7.26