Baleen, dolphins, and sharks, oh my! The variety of wildlife that we saw today was staggering.

Morning sightings included four blue whales, 1,000 common dolphins, a 6-foot hammerhead shark, and jumping dorado being chased by a blue shark. In the afternoon, we got six more blue whales including a cow/calf pair, two different juvenile fin whales, another 800 common dolphins, a blue shark pup less than 2 feet long, and another 6 to 7-foot hammerhead! And those were just the aquatic creatures – we saw several brown boobies, elegant terns, red-necked phalaropes, and black-vented shearwaters as well!

There’s a small chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, but don’t let that scare you away. Whales don’t mind getting wet! See you there!


common 2 7.28 common 7.28 hammerhead 7.28 fin 7.28 blue barnacles 7.28 blue boat 7.28 blue fluke 7.28