We were a wildlife MAGNET today! Without even trying, species after species approached us all day long! In the morning a minke whale surfaced right in front of us. While it only stuck around briefly, while we waited for the minke the return, we found a pod of about 200 common dolphins. Just minutes later, a very young elephant seal popped up and allowed us to get very close looks as it dined on a ratfish! Four blue whales rounded out the morning trip, including one that surfaced so close to us that I startled the whole boat by shrieking and had to wipe my camera lens because it was splashed by the spray! I’ve never had a blue whale that close before!

In the afternoon, the lucky streak continued. As if drawn to the Privateer, a group of nearly 200 common dolphins swam right for us as we headed out to deeper waters, and while watching the dolphins, a juvenile fin whale (one of the same ones spotted yesterday) circled around us closely. As we pushed on to blue whale territory, we spotted six more blue whales and nabbed several more very close encounters by just drifting in place and encouraging the whales to go about their business. On the way home we found 200 more dolphins and a 7-foot hammerhead shark that came within just a few feet of our boat!

We are completely sold out for tomorrow, but grab a weekend spot while you can!

See you all tomorrow,



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