I think it’s safe to say that all the crew, including myself, are still coming down from the high of today, one of the greatest blue whale days we’ve had in the history of San Diego Whale Watch. I nearly lost my voice from squealing in delight at the continuous stream of wildlife we found. The morning brought us 200 common dolphins, five blue whales, and an incredible THREE hammerhead sharks! The blues accepted us as one of our own, circling nearby and surfacing incredibly close to us for much of the trip. In the afternoon we were able to find 100 more common dolphins, two MORE hammerhead sharks (five in a day has to be a record!), and best of all, we caught up with our same friendly blues from the morning plus a tail-fluker to boot!

Today brought the closest looks at blue whales I’ve ever had. To quote a passenger, “They know what they’re doing!” It was no mistake that these whales continuously surfaced mere feet from our boat as we drifted. In fact at one point, the passengers at the front of the boat got sprayed! Each time we tried to sneak away to head for home, one whale would pop up close, then another would pop up closer! It was as if they didn’t want us to leave, and I think the feeling was mutual.

There’s just a couple of spots left for tomorrow and the weekend will be full before you know it. If you’ve never seen a blue whale, you can NOT afford to sit at home while this is going on just off our coast!

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