The terrific run of humpback whale sightings continued, with an incredibly close encounter with a young humpback on our afternoon trip. It caught everyone off guard as it surfaced right off our bow….and the camera wasn’t ready, hence not the best photo….but what a memory! We also saw an elusive minke….or maybe, just maybe, it was an orca in the afternoon….big dorsal fin….we were running late and didn’t have time to stick around to make certain of what we saw. The morning guests didn’t have a bad trip either. Well over 1,500 common dolphins, many stampeding, a hammerhead shark, and another elusive minke whale were spotted, making for a great morning on the water. The bird lovers on board enjoyed their day as well, seeing in addition to the usual culprits, a brown booby and a couple Sabine’s gulls. Temperatures were much more pleasant off shore than on, and ocean conditions terrific. You really should get out there and enjoy!!



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