Based on the forecast, today was supposed to be fairly choppy, but I’m happy to say that forecasts are often wrong and it ended up being a pretty nice day on the water!

In the morning we got a call about a pair of humpbacks traveling south off of Pt. Loma. We don’t usually get to see Pt. Loma and downtown San Diego on our trips so this was a nice change. We found the humpback pair, one much larger than the other, lending to a possibility that it may have been an older calf still with its mother.

In the afternoon we found three more humpback whales (different ones than we saw in the morning) that were actively feeding on a bait ball that they shared with about 100 common dolphins and 25 Pacific white-sided dolphins.

I’m also happy to report that we saw dozens of flying fish on both trips today PLUS our mobula rays are still in town! Wonder how long they’ll stick around!?

We’ll find out tomorrow!



humpback breach 2 10.18 humpback breach 10.18 humpback 2 10.18 common 2 10.18 common 10.18 sea lion dock 10.18 humpback fluke 10.18 humpback 10.18 humpback pair 2 10.18 humpback pair 10.18