San Diego Whale SHARK Watch?!?!?!?

Today was spectacular but unfortunately I don’t have many photos to show for it! We saw a ton of neat things today but none of them were very photogenic. Never mind that, though, let’s get on to the report!

In the morning we welcomed a field trip from High Tech High. This private trip brought many surprises including a handful of Pacific white-sided dolphins, an unexpected pair of late-season blue whales, and a humpback that surfaced upwind of us giving all aboard a strong whiff of fishy whale breath.

In the afternoon we located several jumping mobula rays and three different humpback whales, all seemingly heading south for the cooler months.

As stunning as those cetacean sightings were, nothing compared to the real highlight of the day. In the morning as we were waiting for our blue whales to surface, we saw a shadowy figure swim under the boat just 2.5 miles offshore. I was on the front deck when I heard pounding on the window. Captain Cristin couldn’t even form the words, so I looked in the direction where her frantic finger was pointing and looked down to see the signature spots of a TWENTY FOOT WHALE SHARK! There were reports of these tropical sharks off San Diego in the last few weeks but we have never seen them before with San Diego Whale Watch! The water was murky, the sighting lasted only seconds, and no usable pictures were taken, but our experienced crew and elated passengers will happily confirm the sighting! How thrilling! For many on board this was their first whale shark. I am happy to say that I’ve been spoiled and had the opportunity to kayak with these gentle giants in the Sea of Cortez earlier this year, but it excites me to no end to know that someone might have the same once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just off the coast of La Jolla!

What on EARTH will they find tomorrow!?!??!



PWS 10.21 humpback fluke 2 10.21 humpback fluke 10.21 blue 2 10.21 blue 10.21