Third-graders from Tri-City Christian School recently studied gray whales and got great looks on their field trip of a socializing and courting group of 10 gray whales. At one point, they surfaced right next to the vessel, surprising and thrilling everyone on board. Captain Ping did a fantastic job providing great views of the whales, as well as approximately 50 common and six Pacific white-sided dolphins. It was special to see both species of dolphins interacting with the whales.



Our afternoon trip was quite the success as we were able to see lots of marine mammals. We had 5 gray whales, including a cow/ calf pair. About 150 common dolphins also made the dday even better by bow riding and playing with the boat.



common 1.27 gray 1.27 gray courtship 1.27 gray courtship 2 1.27 gray fluke 1.27 gray fluke 2 1.27 gray spouts 1.27 red breasted merganser 1.27