Presidents day was a lot of fun today aboard the Privateer. Captain Cristin showed us all a wide diversity of marinelife today. Our morning trip saw 3 species of whales, and 3 species of dolphins…totally awesome! We saw 3 gray whales, a fin whale, and a humpback. We even got to see something rarely seen…fin whale poo! Super exciting! (see photo) Our dolphin species included 30 pacific white sided, 250 commons, and 2 inshore bottlenose dolphins.
Our afternoon trip saw 3 more gray whales and a great pod of about 200 common dolphins.
Who knows what tomorrow brings. Come find out!



haley and vanessa 2.15 common 2.15 gray spout 2.15 gray 2.15 humpback 2.15 fin poop 2.15 fin 2.15