Both cruises today had a whale of a time! We saw numerous whales and dolphins today. The morning cruise observed ~five Northbound gray whales. We also observed ~150 common dolphins that took an interest in us and the gray whales. They swam alongside a pair of them for a while.

The afternoon cruise was lucky to see ~15 bottlenose dolphins right outside the jetty. Some were feeding and others were bow-riding the boat. We also saw ~150 common dolphins and also toward the end of the cruise we had a surprise breach by a single humpback whale! Super exciting pec slaps were exhibited as well!

This was all seen right here off the San Diego coast! Hope you make it out soon!



BN dolphin 2 3.1 BN dolphin 3.1 BN dolphin fluke 3.1 gray 3.1 gray fluke 3.1 humpback 3.1 humpback pec slap 3.1