San Diego Whale Watch was busy today. One hundred thirty-five fifth graders enjoyed a morning field trip on the Privateer and got to watch 600 common dolphins, 3 Pacific white-sided dolphins, and two bottlenose dolphins. Guests on the Eclipse in the morning got in the midst of a huge flock of cormorants taking to the air, watched about 30 common dolphins and got good looks at a humpback whale. Afternoon guests on the Eclipse saw a flock of cormorants, three north-bound gray whales, five Pacific white-sided dolphins and five common dolphins, and a brief, but very special look, at a BLUE WHALE! Unfortunately we had to return to the dock, and one look at the blue whale was all we got. You never know what you’ll see–come out and see for yourself!!
–Diane (Eclipse)
–Vanessa (Privateer


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