We had anything but a lazy Sunday today out on the water! Both the morning and afternoon trips has phenomenal sightings of a Blue Whale and much more! The morning started off with a big, active pod of over 400 Common Dolphins that were full of energy and lots of newborn calves. Then we spent some time with a beautiful Blue Whale that showed its tail fluke the second time around. On the way back into Mission Bay we saw a cow-calf pair of Gray Whales off in the distance and a pair of Coastal Bottlenose Dolpins right outside of the jettys. The afternoon trip had sightings to match, with another pod of about 500
Common Dolphins in the beginning that were showing us their high jumping skills. We also got a close up look at a Fin Whale that swam right across the stern of out boat. The trip wasn’t over yet, and we ended it with a sighting of the same Blue Whale that we saw during the morning trip. It was almost in the exact same spot we had seen it this morning, so it must have found a good spot for feeding on Krill! We have lots of openings this week on our trips and we would love for you to come out with us for a
chance to see some of the biggest animals on the planet. See you there!

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