Today was a day full of dolphins and unusual objects! While we were on our way out into the Pacific this morning, we got a pretty good look at ET-94, a space shuttle fuel tank! This space shuttle fuel tank is on its way to Los Angeles to be showcased with the Endeavor in a special exhibit at the California Science Center.

We also saw a floating barrel that had fallen off of a cargo ship. The wonderful Captain Cristina alerted the coast guard to ensure that no harm comes to our amazing ocean from this rogue floating object.

We got an awesome pod of feeding Common Dolphins before we had to head on back to Mission Bay.

In the afternoon we had a very slow start to our journey, but excitement picked up in the second half of the trip. We saw a pretty fun phocine: an elephant seal!! We only get about 6 elephant sightings per year, so it is hard not to get excited by these guys.

Then we came across a very engaging pod of Common Dolphins! These dolphins were breaching, tail slapping, and bow riding. A very fun time was had by dolphins and humans alike.

We have plenty of spots open for the rest of the week, so come out tomorrow morning and take a ride with us!

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