Sunday, June 12th

The Humpbacks are here! The last few days, the Humpback Whales have returned to the coast of San Diego and they’ve been giving us some spectacular sights to see! The morning’s trip saw two Humpback Whales, a large one and a smaller one with a very unique white-lined dorsal fin. The two whales stuck together for most of the time we spent with them, traveling together, until the smaller of the two gave us a few lunge feeding bursts that really showed off its Baleen plates. We even got to see a Mola Mola feeding at the surface on By-The-Wind-Sailors, something I’ve never seen before!
The afternoon’s trip saw the same two Humpback Whales from the morning’s trip, plus TWO more! The four whales slowly grouped up, eventually forming a line of whales that were all traveling in the same direction and giving us some double spouts and double flukes to enjoy. Both trips saw a Mega-pod of about 1200 Common Dolphins that stuck around throughout the entire trip and mixed in with the Humpbacks.
Overall, today was a non-stop blast, and the party continues tomorrow, so come with us and get in on the fun!

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Monday, June 13th

Today we found one hungry, hungry Humpback on our trip! The trip started off with a sighting of about 5 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins, including a cow-calf pair, as we left the basin. Once we got out into the open ocean, we came across a handful of scattered Common Dolphin pods that each had about 400-500 individuals in them, giving us a total Common Dolphin count of about 1,200. We spent the majority of the trip with a Humpback Whale that was lunge-feeding at the surface underneath large flocks of birds. It was quite the scene to see and there was always something to watch, whether it was the Humpback Whale, the birds flying all over the place, or the exciting Common Dolphins coming up to our boat.
We have been getting some awesome sightings out here the last couple of days and we would love to have you come out with us and see them all. We have open spots this week, so we’ll see you here!

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