WOW! What a jam-packed day full of excitement! There was never a dull moment out on the Pacific today! During the morning cruise, as soon as we exited the jetties, we encountered an Inshore Bottlenose dolphin Crossing! There were ~10 Inshore’s traveling South across the jetties. The fun didn’t stop there, we came across several pods of Common dolphin that totaled ~800 individuals! While observing an energetic pod, we saw a HUGE spout in the distance! We found ourselves a BLUE whale! We had some great looks at this beautiful Blue! To round up the trip, we had another great sighting of ~four Inshore Bottlenose dolphins. AND that was just the beginning…

During the afternoon cruise, our first marine mammal of the day was a BLUE whale! We watched the largest animal that lives on planet earth dive and show its FLUKES!! While waiting for it to come back up, we saw several splashes in the distance! This sighting ended up being a large pod of COMMON dolphin that were so energetic that everywhere you looked there was breaching, tail-slapping, chin-slapping, and feeding behaviors! We found several cow/calf pairs as well! While watching these incredible dolphins we saw TWO more spouts! We had THREE Blue whales in our half-mile radius! After reviewing photos, we noticed that one of these whales was the Blue whale we sighted in the morning! To finish up the incredible day, we were graced with a pair of Inshore Bottlenose dolphin that bow-rode the Privateer for a quick bit in the jetties!

Do I need to say anything further??? Get out here as fast as you can! Book Now! We have plenty of open spots throughout the weekend! BLUES are here!

Sea you on the water!