It was an incredible day on the Privateer! We had two great trips! During the morning cruise, we ventured out to deeper water and found two, possibly three BLUE whales! One of the whales was possibly a Fin or Blue whale. One of the Blue whales surfaced right next to the boat and dove right underneath the Privateer! It was an extremely amazing experience to see the largest animal on earth come so close to the boat! We also sighted Common dolphins and were able to witness some sweet acrobatics!

During the afternoon cruise, we traveled out to the deep water again and found ourselves another large pod of Common dolphins! There were several Common dolphins that porpoised! They were breaching one right after the other! We also found some cute cow/calf pairs of Common dolphins that came up close to the boat. We continued out to 10-miles from shore and found another pod of Common dolphins that were feeding! The feeding frenzy was exciting!

The Blue whales are visiting so we hope you’ll join us soon!