It was a BLUE-tastic day!!! We had one incredible trip today! As we exited the jetties, we sighted two inshore bottlenose dolphin crossing the channel, heading North! The fun didn’t stop there, we also found TWO Blue whales out in deeper water along the ridge. We found “Hook”, the Blue whale that has an interesting left fluke, that is likely a congenital deformation. This is the third day in a row that we have seen it off the coast of San Diego. The second Blue whale we encountered was about a mile away and feeding in the same area. This whale was much larger and also comfortable around our boat which provided great looks! In the same area, we also found three separate pods of Common dolphin! In total there were approximately ~140 individuals.These dolphin were feeding and exhibiting several acrobatic behaviors. We saw many cow/calf pairs too!

This was an amazing day! Everyday is different, and we never know what we will see out there. We hope you’ll join us soon!