It was most definitely a SUPER Saturday here on the Privateer! We had an action-packed day full of both whales and dolphin sightings on both trips! During the morning trip, we found an awesome pod of ~75 Common dolphin that were feeding. We left that pod and continued offshore and encountered a pair of FIN whales! These two Fin whales were actually a cow/calf pair that surfaced several times and very close to the boat!

The fun didn’t stop there, during our afternoon cruise, we found another pod of ~100 Common dolphin that were just as playful! They came over to the Privateer and bow-rode and surfed in the waves next to us. We continued on out West and found the same Fin whale cow/calf pair!
They exhibited similar behavior coming up to the surface several times, even synchronizing their breaths! Captain Cristin sighted a blow off in the distance so we went to go investigate. We ended up finding another cow/calf pair, but this time they were of the Humpback variety! Humpbacks never disappoint in being very acrobatic and energetic. They surfaced right next to each other several times near the boat and even lob-tailed!

It doesn’t get any better than this! We hope you’ll join us for an adventure out on the Pacific soon!