Let’s call today Super Cetacean Saturday! We encountered some great wildlife on both trips today! During the morning trip, we encountered THREE species of toothed whales! We observed ~40 Offshore Bottlenose dolphin and ~70 Risso’s dolphin out at the 9-mile bank! Guests witnessed mixed-species mingling. There were Offshore bottlenose dolphin swimming right alongside the large pod of Risso’s dolphin. A few Bottlenose dolphin cow/calf pairs were seen as well. On our way back to the dock we came across a small pod of Common dolphin that bow-rode the Privateer briefly.

During the afternoon cruise, we searched and searched looking for signs of whales and while headed North out in deeper water we were pleasantly surprised by a BREACHING BALEEN WHALE! Very interesting behavior was observed, as this whale surfaced several times near our boat, showed visible fluke prints allowing us to track its movements. A couple times it even lunged upside-down, belly-up, allowing us to see its throat pleats. It even breached a second time right next to our boat! A small pod of Common dolphins also joined us and surfed in our wake while watching the whale!

Initially, we thought this acrobatic whale was a Minke whale but noticed later on that this whale did not have the distinctive white bands on the pectoral flippers. This mystery whale has us intrigued but we are leaning toward a SEI whale! We invite you take a look at the photos and let us know what you think this species of whale is!

Everyday we go out is always unpredictable. We never know what we will see. We hope you’ll come out soon!