Wow! The Pacific ocean was teeming with wildlife today! All day long, we had encounter after encounter! During the morning trip, as soon as we exited the Mission Bay channel, we observed ~two INSHORE BOTTLENOSE dolphins as they traveled along the coast. From there we continued out toward the West and found a nice NURSERY pod of ~50 COMMON dolphins! Many calves surfaced alongside their mothers and even got a little acrobatic as they porpoised out of the water! As we head out toward deeper water, we found two more pods of Common dolphins totaling ~150 individuals. Several California SEA LIONS were observed along the way totaling ~10 individuals! A HARBOR SEAL was seen resting at the surface, checking us out as we drove by. We found a MOLA MOLA sunning at the ocean surface allowing for passengers to get great looks. To round up the trip, we encountered not one but TWO MINKE whales traveling next to each other! We were high on life as we set out for our second trip of the day. The afternoon cruise was just as amazing! To start the trip, we sighted some high-energy, fast-traveling COMMON dolphins further offshore! There were ~300 individuals among two subgroups. While on our way to view them, we noticed a SPOUT on the horizon! The powerful, tall, columnar spouts proved to be a BLUE whale! Several close interval spouts led us to believe there could be two…and sure enough we had TWO Big Blue whales near us! We got great looks as these humongous animals surfaced, taking mighty breaths! We could see the beautiful neon blue glow as the whales were subsurface! The fun didn’t stop there, as we were on our return trip home, we found a few more energetic pods of Common dolphins! Calling all AM photography folks! Unfortunately, some technical difficulties with my camera during the AM trip left me in shock as ZERO of the photos taken were saved! 🙁 If some of you on the AM trip took photos of the amazing wildlife we saw, please post and share! It would be greatly appreciated! Photos or not, this incredible day will last in our memory for a lifetime! See you on the water soon! -Vanessa