Sundays are for CETACEANS! We had an AMAZING day on the Privateer, full of excitement and great energy. On our morning trip, we encountered ~700 Common Dolphins within two pods that came right on up to investigate our presence. We also spotted a Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish for a brief moment before it sunk out and swam away from us. We searched far and wide for a sign of baleen whales but we did not succeed until the afternoon.

Our afternoon trip was FULL of action! First, we got one good look at a Blue Whale before it gave us the slip. Fortunately, on our lookout for the Blue, a Minke Whale popped up right behind the boat! We got some great looks at the Minke before deciding to chase down a huge pod of Common Dolphins in the distance. This was one of the most spectacular pods we have ever encountered! The leaps were limitless and we even saw a few front/backflips!!! It was absolutely incredible. The Pacific is still teaming with wildlife..what are you waiting for?! We’ll see you on the water.