We’re still discombobulated from our spectacular morning on the water! It isn’t too hard of a day of whale watching when you spend the ride back to land trying to figure out how many whales were spotted and what species they truly were. We absolutely spotted one elusive Minke Whale and got one quick glimpse at a large Fin Whale. A second (likely) Minke Whale was spotted for a single breath at the surface. Between close-range sightings, one spout was observed too far in the distance to investigate (through the binoculars, we believe it was a second Fin Whale). The highlight of the trip was the mystery whale that we initially took for a juvenile Fin Whale. This animal had characteristics typically unseen in Fin Whales and displayed some characteristics usually shown by them. The animal we encountered did not have a CLEAR indication of being a Fin, Minke or Bryde’s Whale. We are wondering if it was a Sei Whale! Regardless of the species (feel free to chime in with your input), we had an AMAZING day chasing down multiple species of whale. Clearly, off the coast of San Diego is the spot to be for these larger cetaceans. Fingers crossed that it lasts! See you out there, whale watchers!