Could it be? Another SUPER CETACEAN SATURDAY?! You bet your flukes it was! The Pacific did not mess around with us today. We found quite the pod of Common Dolphins on our morning tour! The pod of ~200 individuals consisted of numerous babies and plenty of acrobats! The group also took part in multiple wide-range stampedes! It was a great toothed whale encounter to warm us up for the afternoon. We definitely were not expecting the events of our afternoon trip. After searching for miles and beginning to lose hope, multiple spouts were spotted within close range! The spouts were produced from THREE different Humpback Whales!!! We found a cow-calf pair associating with a third individual. We spent most of our time with the cow-calf pair, as the third Humpback did not seem as interested in our presence. The pair on the other hand came right up to The Privateer, gave a few fluke shows and introduced our passengers to the close relationship between mom and calf. It was an incredible encounter for sure! The Humpback Whales did not cover much, if any significant distance during our visit with them so we are crossing our fingers for a re-sighting tomorrow! Come on out and help us in the search for these beauts!