It was a fantastic day aboard the Privateer! We had some great encounters with plenty of wildlife today. The seas were pretty bumpy which made for an interesting ride! During the morning trip, we set our nose toward the West and found a single HAMMERHEAD SHARK! We got great looks as this female was traveling along the ocean surface for a while. Another surprising sighting of a single HARBOR SEAL was seen near the boat. Difficult to see from the boat but photos clued us in that this Harbor seal was feasting on something interesting! What do you think it was? The fun didn’t stop there, we encountered TWO separate pods of ~200 COMMON DOLPHINS! The first pod was super energetic and exciting to watch. The second pod had several cow/calf pairs in the mix! The afternoon cruise was pretty awesome as well. The seas settled down but the wind picked up. Fun times were had as we sighted a ~10 COMMON dolphins at the drop-off. These curious Common dolphins led us to a larger pod of ~200 COMMON dolphins! They were amazing and very boat-friendly. These inquisitive dolphins surfed in our wake and rod the bow giving guests awesome views! We even heard the Common dolphins as they communicated with each other near the boat! The seas are laying down and will be beautiful tomorrow! We hope that you will join us in the search for baleen and toothed whales! Sea you on the water! -Vanessa