It was a day full of surprises aboard the Privateer! We set out for deeper water and encountered a small raft of California sea lions. They were seen resting at the surface when all of a sudden a single MINKE whale spy-hopped near them! This curious juvenile Minke whale swam toward us giving us some good looks. While waiting for this Minke whale to surface, it surprised us by BREACHING out of the water! It was like watching a mini Minke whale doing a back flip into the water! This was not the only amazing encounter we had today. We found a small pod of ~15 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED dolphins, the FIRST sighting of the season! There was even a single COMMON dolphin seen mingling with the Pacific white-sided dolphin pod! The pod was very mellow, and only sometimes jumping out of the water. One of them even spy-hopped! The day was fantastic! We hope you come and join us soon! -Vanessa