It was beautiful day on the Pacific today! We started the day with a little fogginess but that didn’t stop us from finding wildlife. During the morning cruise, we found a large pod of ~400 COMMON dolphins! They were incredible! They were showing their inquisitive side by coming up to the boat to check us out! Several bow-riders and surfers were seen. There was a lot of bait in the water that wildlife was attracted to. Many California sea lions and sea birds were seen feeding among the Common dolphins. On our way home, we sighted a large dorsal fin near the boat! It was a SHARK! It was a little tough to get a positive ID on the animal, but due to its large, robust size and the distinct gray and contrasting white belly, we think it might have been a Great White! Hard to say, but the encounter was awesome! During the afternoon, we searched far and wide and while headed Southwest we finally found a fun pod of ~50 COMMON dolphins! Interesting behavior was seen as they repeatedly surfaced and took long dives.They even found a bait ball that they stopped to feed on. We got some great looks as some individuals porpoised and breached near our vessel! This pod was mostly composed of adults but we sighted a couple of cow/calf pairs! No baleen whales were seen today, but we plan to try again tomorrow! We hope to see you there! -Vanessa