Gorgeous sea conditions matched with incredible visibility made for a perfect day aboard the Privateer! We started our single trip today with a quick glimpse at ~4 INSHORE BOTTLENOSE dolphins! They crossed the Mission Bay channel, headed toward the North. We continued out toward deeper water, and along the way sighted a very small pod of just ~2 COMMON dolphins! Not too far away, from the pair were a couple of pods with ~20 Common dolphins in each. Like the ocean, both pods were mellow and calm with some individuals coming over to the vessel to check us out. We changed direction and went South to check out some big splashes on the horizon. The splashes turned out to be some very energetic Common dolphins! In this pod, we had close to 100 individuals! It was non-stop Common dolphin action! Not too far from this amazing pod, we encountered a nursery pod of ~30 Common dolphins! Several calves porpoised out of the water next to mom, while some swam slowly beneath the ocean surface. Our last pod of Common dolphins were seen toward the South, which gave guests great looks as some shot out of the water like a rocket! It was a day to remember! We hope you’ll join us tomorrow as we continue our search toothed whales AND baleen whales too! -Vanessa