It’s that time again…it’s SUPER CETACEAN SATURDAY! We were greeted with incredible sea conditions as well as FIN-tastic whale encounters! During the morning trip, we set our course for the North toward La Jolla, and found THREE HUMPBACK WHALES!!! They were seen slowly traveling, milling and changing direction within a single mile radius. These were the same trio of whales seen yesterday, but the fourth juvenile was no where to be found. Similar surfacing and dive times were seen, as these baleen whales showed us spout after spout after spout, followed by fluke after fluke after fluke! Then almost 200 COMMON dolphins showed up to hang out with both us and the whales! The water was so glassy and clear, we got great looks as they swam subsurface next to the boat. The excitement didn’t stop there, we set out for our afternoon trip and was pleasantly surprised to see a single spout, less than 1-mile from the mouth of the Mission Bay jetties! It was the FIRST GRAY WHALE OF THE SEASON! This juvenile was traveling toward the South along the coast. Only a few spouts were seen as it was showing elusive and stealthy behaviors so we took the hint, wished it well and made the U-turn toward the North. We tend to see most of our Gray whale sightings closer to December but we will keep our eye out for those early migrators! After traveling almost 11-miles North, we found the THREE HUMPBACK WHALES again! We witnessed many synchronized spouts followed by gorgeous views of their flukes! About TEN COMMON dolphins showed up to the party and bow-rode the Privateer AND the heads of the Humpbacks! Mixed-species interaction at its finest! With that, we hope you BOOK NOW to have your chance to see these majestic baleen and toothed whales! See you soon! -Vanessa