We’re not sure what it is but the inter-species mingling has continued! Our morning adventure was filled with cheeky Sea Lions, two species of toothed whale and even a single Mola Mola! As soon as we crossed over the continental shelf in deep water, we spotted a long line of Common Dolphins! We cruised through the pod to find several young calves, mating pairs and bounding leapers! After a short visit with the Common Dolphins, we noticed that a few dozen Pacific White Sided Dolphins had joined the cetacean party! Both species spent some time bow-riding and surfing together in our wake. Lingering at the surface among the dolphins was a uniquely colored Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish (see photo). Not only did we enjoy some great sightings, but the beautiful conditions were a bonus. We will be back on the water on Tuesday and expect the good weather to carry into that morning trip. See you on the water, whale watchers!