Can you say two for two?! We’re so happy to have seen Humpback Whales for two days in a row! On our morning trip today, we encountered three separate pods of Common Dolphins. The first involved a few dozen sluggish dolphins that weren’t very surface active. We then found an exuberant pod of ~200 dolphins and witnessed a lot of interactions with the boat and some mating pairs that surfed beside us. A third pod (possibly a re-sighting) was spotted on our way home. Want to know what else we found on our way home? A southbound Humpback Whale!!! We were able to get one great look at the Humpback before continuing on toward Mission Bay and crossing our fingers for a re-sighting. We were in luck this afternoon! After traveling southwest, the Humpback Whale from the morning trip was spotted again! We observed the whale for a few cycles of breathes and watched as it raised its tail-flukes with each dive. We eventually decided to leave the Humpback in search of something else. Surprisingly, we did not find any toothed whales this afternoon. Such is nature! We will be out tomorrow morning and we expect some GREAT conditions. Come on out and enjoy the amazing sightings we have had recently.