Toothed whales sure made an appearance on the water this morning! Throughout our entire trip, we spotted pod after pod of Common Dolphins in addition to a few handfuls of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. Both species were encountered immediately on our exit from the jetties! Although this first sighting included only a few handfuls of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins interacting with a dozen Common Dolphins, they were very fun to observe. Out in deeper water, we found FOUR additional pods of Common Dolphins in various locations along our journey. Each pod was very different in size and behavior. In total, we counted roughly 550-600 Common Dolphins during our trip! We also found a single cow-calf pair of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, traveling up the coast on our way home. We can’t help but love the days when the majority of our time on the water is spent cruising through multiple pods of dolphins! We have plenty of spots available for our single trip tomorrow so we hope to see you all taking full advantage of it on The Privateer!