It was another beautiful day on the water today! We started the trip out with lots of marine mammal action! While in shallow water we encountered a small pod of ~10 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN participating in a feeding frenzy! There were birds diving into the water while California sea lions porpoised out of the water! The Pacific white-sided dolphin were seen scattered about, while bait was being feasted on. Not to far a way, a spout was sighted. We found another SOUTHBOUND GRAY WHALE!!! It slowly traveled near the coastline toward the South. This individual showed its flukes almost every time it surfaced! After spending quite some time with it, we went out to deeper water and encountered scattered Pacific white-sided dolphin. The season is only going to get better, as more Gray whales arrive! We still have spots open for the rest of the weekend. We hope to see you soon! -Vanessa