It’s that time again…Super Cetacean Saturday! We had non-stop action on both trips today! The Gray whales are here in San Diego! During the morning cruise, as soon as we cleared the Mission Bay jetties, we found a small pod of ~15 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN! They were very energetic and acrobatic! Some even bow-rode the boat. We continued our journey toward the NW to find an awesome pod of ~50 COMMON DOLPHIN! Guests got great looks as they traveled toward the NW. We sighted another pod closer to the coast near Torrey Pines. This pod had ~100 individuals in it as they traveled to the SE. We were on our way back to the dock, when we sighted a spout toward the South. We encountered a quick glimpse at a Southbound migrating GRAY WHALE! During the afternoon cruise, we went South and traveled through some scattered pods of ~60 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN! You could see them all around us in 60 to 150 feet of water, along the coast. While watching these speedy dolphin, we sighted a spout in the distance. This was our first GRAY WHALE of the trip! It was rolling around and seemed to be in a playful mode. We continued toward the North and found an amazing pod of ~200 COMMON DOLPHIN that were stampeding in all directions! We noticed that they were feeding on bait balls of fish scattered around. We continued toward the North and found our second Southbound GRAY WHALE for the trip! We watched as it surfaced for breaths and fluked almost every time! Then less than a mile away, we sighted TWO more SPOUTS from another two SB GRAY WHALES! This topped us off at FOUR Gray whales for the second trip! Another pod of ~100 Common dolphin were seen on our way back in! We expect to see more Gray whales as the season is now in full swing! Make your reservation today! See you on the water! -Vanessa