It was another beautiful day on the water! The sea conditions were superb! The visibility was also incredible, allowing us to see far North to Camp Pendleton, and far South into Mexico. We could see every little splash from seabirds diving into the water to dolphins jumping out of the water from miles away! During the morning cruise, as soon as we left the Mission Bay jetties, we sighted several scattered pods of PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN! We encountered a total of ~30 individuals in shallow water. We continued our search all the way up North to Torrey Pines and back, traveling a total of 21-miles. During the afternoon, we found more PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN that were feeding on bait fish! There were seabirds diving into the water, as well as California sea lions joining in on the feeding frenzy. We sighted more splashes toward the West, and found a huge pod of ~300 COMMON DOLPHIN! They were traveling mainly toward the NW but several made U-turns straight for the Privateer. We got great looks as they bow-rode and surfed in our wake. We continued to the North along the coast until La Jolla, and then pointed our nose to the West to deeper water. We traveled along the deep water shelf in search for more wildlife. A handful of Common dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin popped up to briefly check us out. As we made our way back to the dock, we encountered more scattered dolphin along the way! Overall an awesome day! Surprisingly, no baleen whales were seen today. We are offline for Christmas Day, but will be searching for them on Tuesday, the day after Christmas. Gray whale sightings should be picking up as more head down the West coast of the U.S. on they annual migration to Baja California. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from your San Diego Whale Watch crew! -Vanessa