It was a fabulous Friday aboard the Privateer! During the morning trip, we had fun watching a nice pod of ~50 COMMON DOLPHIN! They were very energetic and inquisitive. Some came over to check us out, surfed in our wake and bow rode. We sighted many cow/calf pairs in the pod that were following their mother’s behaviors. We went North along the coast and then went out to deep water to find another pod of ~75 COMMON DOLPHIN! These were traveling fast to the North. Some even headed straight for us to bow ride. We continued on back to the coast, crossing our fingers for a spout to sprout up, but no luck for us. During the afternoon cruise, we set our course for the North in the shallow water. To our surprise, a spout was seen off of Pacific Beach. We got to watch this Southbound migrating GRAY WHALE as it was traveling in very shallow water of only 35 feet! We saw it surface several times and watched it fluke! We peeled off and went out to deeper water. As soon as we went over the drop off, we found an awesome pod of ~100 COMMON DOLPHIN! They were incredible! They surfaced close and porpoised all around us! Many cow/calf pairs were seen in the mix. We hope you come join us soon as the Gray whale season is only going to get better! -Vanessa