It was an action packed day aboard the Privateer! We sighted toothed and baleen whales on both trips today. We started the first trip out with scattered pods of PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN that totaled close to 40 individuals! Many were seen traveling close to the boat and some were seen racing to the boat to bow-ride! A few cow/calf pairs were also seen traveling near the Privateer. While in shallow water, we found a Southbound migrating GRAY WHALE! We got great looks as this individual was up for a few breaths and had short dive times of only a couple minutes. While out in deeper water, we found a huge pod of ~150 COMMON DOLPHIN! They were traveling toward the North but stopped to hitch a ride at our bow and surf our wake! Glassy waters made it so easy to see them 10-15 feet below the ocean surface! On the second trip, we weren’t even out of the Mission Bay channel when we sighted spouts only 1.5 miles away! There was a TRIO of Southbound GRAY WHALES traveling together! There was another single Gray whale seen half a mile South of the trio. The three migrators swam straight for us, crossing our bow, giving guests incredible looks! We got to watch them as they surfaced for many breaths, and had dive times of 11-min. One of the whales even showed its flukes as it went for its dive. After leaving those whales, we found a nice pod of ~30 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN! They were spread out all around us! We went out to deeper water and then head North toward La Jolla, but no other whales were seen. During the winter season, we get to see migrating whale and bird species that we don’t see any time of the year, so book your trip soon! -Vanessa