It was a fun, bumpy ride aboard the Privateer today. We started our single trip with a nice handful of Pacific white-sided dolphins! They were seen feeding on bait fish in shallow water outside of Mission Bay. Due to the lumpy sea conditions we decided to head out West into deeper water on a smoother course line. We got to the very productive drop-off zone and found a big pod of ~200 Common dolphins! We encountered them while they were in hunting mode! Small schooling fish were seen at the ocean surface while Common dolphins zoomed through to capture them. We even saw some Common dolphins swimming upside down with their bellies up, racing around to capture fish. Many of the Common dolphins came over to the Privateer to hang out with us. Several were seen surfing in our wake too! On our way back in, we found another scattered pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins that were traveling South. Altogether, we sighted ~20 Pacific white-sided dolphins and ~200 Common dolphins. No baleen whales were seen today, but Gray whale season is still in full effect so try your luck tomorrow! Sea conditions were smoothing out nicely as we came back in…tomorrow should be gorgeous and flat! Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!!! -Vanessa