Fun times aboard the Privateer! We started our trip out with a pair of Gray whales! They were traveling very close to the coast, near the kelp forest. We followed them to the South as they surfaced for a few breaths and arched their backs to show their flukes, preparing for a deep dive. They had short dive times of only 3-4 minutes. They traveled over a very shallow reef, where we could not follow, so we continued out to the West. We were greeted with a nice, small pod of ~6 Pacific white-sided dolphin that were in hunting mode. Several birds were also diving into the water to feed. We found ourselves 8-miles from shore and among a huge pod of ~200 Common dolphins! They were surface-active with lots of energy. Many bow-rode the Privateer, while others were seen surfing in our wake! A few cow/calf pairs were seen right next to the boat. On our way back in, we sighted a few Common dolphins and a couple of Pacific white-sided dolphins that raced to the boat to surf alongside us. A couple of Gray whale spouts were seen toward the South while we were passing by the Gray whale highway! Trash/Recyclables: ZERO! Yay! See you on the water next time! -Vanessa