It was a B-E-A-UTIFUL day on The Pacific today! We were treated to perfect whale watching conditions and plenty of wildlife to go around! On our morning trip, we exited the jetties and immediately encountered a pod of ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! They spent most of our visit with them surfing at the bow but we were also lucky enough to see some aerial acrobatics from one very active individual! We also spotted one trio and two single northbound Gray Whales for a total of FIVE whales on our morning trip.

SIX northbound Gray Whales were spotted this afternoon within two separate trios! One group consisted of three adults while the other appeared to be a pair of adults with one calf. We searched far and wide for any and all signs of dolphins throughout the afternoon..luckily, on our way back to Mission Bay, we briefly cruised through a small handful of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins that were rapidly chasing bait! We’re hoping the great conditions carry into our trips tomorrow because it was an amazing day to be on the water! We hope to see you out there, whale watchers!