It was a great day to be on the Privateer today. We quickly found our first marine mammal sighting as soon as we exited the jetties. We got lucky and found a couple of Inshore Bottlenose dolphin. They were seen traveling into the Mission Bay channel. Right after leaving them, we found a small pod of ~5 Pacific white-sided dolphin. They were being inquisitive and came straight over to the boat to check us out. Not too far from that sighting, we found our third toothed whale sighting, the Common dolphin. We found a small subgroup of ~30 Common dolphin that were traveling to the South. They were observed traveling fast and even stampeding at times. Another larger pod was seen a half-mile away. They were very exciting to watch as they leaped out of the water, surfed in our wake, and bow-rode. Many cow/calf pairs were seen in the mix. A couple calves were seen leaping out of the water, as they traveled right next to their mothers. We set out to the SW and searched diligently but no baleen whales were seen. We will be heading out tomorrow to try our luck again. Trash/Recyclables: TWO Mylar balloons successfully retrieved! See you on the water soon! -Vanessa