The Pacific treated us to some awesome dolphin action today! We enjoyed two trips full of boat-friendly pods of toothed whales and inter-species feeding frenzies! We kicked off our morning with an exciting frenzy of foraging behavior between Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, sea birds and California Sea Lions. We were able to observe as birds dove down like torpedoes to sweep bait off the near surface, dolphins schooled fish together and Sea Lions tagged along for a free snack! The Pacific White-Sided Dolphins even took a break from hunting to interact with our boat by bow-riding and swimming beside us. As soon as the feeding behavior began to subside, we decided to continue out to the west in search of more wildlife. Fortunately, we encountered an amazing, acrobatic pod of Common Dolphins! We also spotted a very small, elusive Gray Whale that appeared to be heading up the coast. We were unable to get a great look at it as he/she began to snorkel and gave us the slip immediately after spotting it. All encounters are very different and we were just happy to add another Gray Whale to the log book!

On our afternoon trip, we found a huge pod of ~400-500 Common Dolphins that stretched across the surface for miles! They were just as energetic as the group we had seen on the morning trip and spent quite some time playing with the boat and surfing with us! We searched far and wide for baleen whales this afternoon but luckily the gorgeous conditions made up for the fact that no signs of them were seen. Overall, it was a great day!

Spring break is upon us, whale watchers! our trips are selling out fast for the next few weeks..AND the Gray Whale migration has almost come to an end here off of San Diego! Hurry up and take advantage of this incredible wildlife while you still have the chance!

Trash/recyclable collected: 4 mylar balloons