It was an INCREDIBLE day on the water! We had non-stop action on both trips today. The amazing, calm sea conditions led us to find baleen and toothed whales throughout the entire day. During the morning trip, we started it off with a sighting of ~5-6 Inshore Bottlenose dolphins. On our way out to the NW, we sighted a huge pod of ~400 Common dolphins that were traveling to the North. We covered about 2-miles with Common dolphins swimming all around us. Many cow/calf pairs were seen as well. On our way, a passenger sighted a couple of spouts. These two spouts turned into four Northbound Gray whales! They were traveling in an echelon formation, while sometimes simultaneously surfacing for breaths. As we ventured to the South, we sighted a pod of ~30 Offshore Bottlenose dolphin! They were traveling very closely together to the South. On a couple of occasions, they even crossed our bow to check us out and bow-ride. Two populations of Bottlenose dolphin seen on one 3-hour tour is super lucky! During the afternoon, we had another fantastic trip! We were lucky enough to get a report of a very rare sighting of toothed whale that was in our neighborhood. A pod of ~40 FALSE KILLER WHALES were sighted–and that is NO April Fools joke! We didn’t have to travel too far as they were only a few miles from shore, off of Point Loma. They were traveling to the North, at a steady speed of 7-8 kts. They were observed all around us with about 7-10 subgroups. Many cow/calf pairs were also seen! A few individuals were seen porpoising, breaching, and lunging forward. This species of toothed whale has been seen in SoCal less than a dozen times over the last 50 years. Recently, we have sighted this species more frequently over the last few years. We continued out to deeper water and had sighted a pair of Northbound Gray whales! They gave us great looks as they surfaced for breaths and even showed us their flukes upon diving. On our way back in, we observed the False killer whales once more before heading back to the dock. We hope you’ll join us for an amazing adventure on the Privateer soon! We never know what we will see, as wildlife is so unpredictable. These False killer whales may pop up in our range in the next few days, so book now! -Vanessa