Beautiful calm sea conditions paired with great visibility made for a nice time on the water. We managed to find three species of toothed whales on our single trip today. To start the day off, we found a fun pod of five Inshore Bottlenose dolphin that were seen along the coastline. They were traveling North but stopped to check us out. A few of them even bow-rode the Privateer. Then we sighted an exciting feeding frenzy! There were many birds diving into the water to capture bait fish down below. Among the birds were Pacific white-sided dolphins that were also zooming around foraging for fish. There was a total of ~30 Pacific white-sided dolphins that were split up in four subgroups. After feeding, they continued their travels to the South. We continued to the West, and got lucky and found our third species of toothed whale. A pod of ~100 Common dolphins were seen all around the boat and headed to the North. Many calves were seen traveling with their mothers. Some Common dolphins were exhibiting courtship/mating behaviors as they swam belly to belly right next to the boat. A report of a spout was seen near us, but we never located the potential whale. We continued following the drop-off up to the North, found another pod of ~75 Common dolphins that were spread out. We searched far and wide, but no baleen whales were seen. We will try again tomorrow! Hope to see you out there with us! -Trash/Recyclables: A bundle of 10 Mylar balloons and a single Mylar balloon were both successfully retrieved from the water! -Vanessa