It was a beautiful day out on the Pacific ocean! We had excellent visibility and calm sea conditions. During our two trips today, we got lucky and found large pods of active Common dolphins! During the morning trip, we quickly found a pod of ~30 Common dolphins that were participating in a feeding frenzy. There were several birds diving into the water capturing bait fish. Many Common dolphins were seen swimming upside down, belly up, chasing small schooling fish. We continued out to the West and found another larger pod of ~100 Common dolphins that were also feeding. Many cow/calf pairs were seen in the mix. Very tiny calves were seen porpoising next to their mothers. We continued out to the NW and made it up to La Jolla. We traveled South down the kelp line but no luck in the baleen whale department. During the afternoon cruise, we ventured out to the SW and at 1-mile from shore we found a fun pod of ~200 Common dolphins! They were headed to the South but zoomed over to us and many began to bow-ride the Privateer. Several Common dolphins were very inquisitive, often turning onto their side to check guests out. Some acrobatics were seen as many porpoised out of the water. The water was clear enough for us to see them swimming subsurface as they cruised along. Cow/calf pairs were seen all around. On our way out to the West, we had a quick sighting of a whale spout, but it gave us the slip. It was never relocated. The rest of the trip was pretty quiet, as we traveled 7-miles from shore, searching for wildlife along the drop-off. No baleen whales were seen during the afternoon trip. During both trips today, we found several Mylar balloons in our search for marine mammals. These Mylar balloons can be harmful to many marine species, such as sea turtles and sea birds. As a reminder, please properly dispose of balloons and not let them go as they fly out to the ocean. We do our best to pick all that we see, but we know we miss some. Trash/Recyclables: SIX Mylar balloons successfully retrieved! -Vanessa