It was a Gorgeous day on the water! The seas were flat and calm with very little wind. The incredible visibility led us to great sightings. During the morning trip, we started out with an awesome pod of ~75 Common dolphins. They were traveling fast to the North. Some of them came over to check us out. Many dolphins surfed in our wake and bow-rode. We continued out to the West and found another small pod of ~10 Common dolphins. A couple of cow/calf pairs were seen. We made it almost 8-miles from shore and a potential back of a large whale popped up behind us, but we were unable to relocate it. A Mola mola (or Ocean sunfish) was sighted on our return trip back to Mission Bay. The afternoon was just as beautiful. We started our trip off by encountering a Northbound Gray whale on its migration. This Gray whale surfaced several times, allowing guests to get great looks a the head, back and spout. Barnacles and lice were easily seen on the head of the Gray whale. While watching this Gray whale, a huge pod of ~200 Common dolphin popped up to the West of us. They were traveling fast toward us, allowing us to great looks as. They were very surface-active. Many porpoised right next to us. We continued to the NW, and eventually went South. A MEGAPOD of Common dolphins were seen on the horizon! We zoomed over to get some great looks. They were all around us. Cow/calf pairs were seen porpoising next to us. As we head back to the coast, a pair of Gray whales popped up in front of the Mission Bay jetties. We watched them cruise to the North. A pair of Inshore bottlenose dolphin were also seen near the jetties. Trash/Recyclables: 1 bundle of 18 Mylar balloons, 4 single Mylar balloons, and 1 grocery bag. It was a gorgeous day! Hope to see you on the water soon! -Vanessa