A day spent with Common Dolphins is anything but common! We encountered both Long-Beaked AND Short-Beaked Common Dolphins this morning. The Long-Beaked were fairly mellow, although they showed clear indication of foraging behavior and even approached the boat to interact with us when they were finished. Soon after leaving the first pod behind, we spotted an acrobatic pod of Short-Beaked. Their splashes could be seen from miles away, as they slammed their bodies onto the water and hunted cooperatively at the surface. There were even a few instances of mid-air barrel rolling and numerous NEWBORN calves sporting their fetal folds!!! Great sightings plus favorable conditions made for an amazing day on The Pacific. We’ll be on the water for one trip tomorrow and we hope to see you out there with us as we scan for some of the largest animals on the planet!

Trash/recyclables collected: 2 mylar balloons