Whale watchers aboard the Privateer were in for a BIG treat today! During both trips, we encountered the largest animal on the planet — BLUE WHALES! We were also lucky to observe Common dolphins next to our vessel. During the morning trip, we set out toward the West and found scattered pods of Common dolphin totaling ~150 individuals. They were so fun to watch as they were very active at the surface. Many of them porpoised out of the water. Some surfed in our wake and at our bow. A few cow/calf pairs were seen near our vessel too! While out in deeper water, we found a single Blue whale that was circling around us. It even surprised us by popping up right behind us only 30-ft away, in between us and another whale-watching boat! We heard its massive exhale as it came up for a breath. We were lucky enough to see the Blue whale show its flukes! During the afternoon cruise, we zoomed out to the West to see what we could find. Our first cetacean sighting was a handful of Common dolphins. They were very active, as they rode our bow and then surfing in our wake. We picked up the pace and head toward the South as we saw big splashes from a bigger pod of Commons but while on our way, a report of a spout was seen to the North. We flipped around and raced 5-miles toward the La Jolla. On the horizon, we saw spouts and a tail from a BLUE whale! We waited for it to come up and got see its massive spout, back , dorsal fin! On the breathing bout, we were lucky to observe the arch of the back and its huge flukes as it prepared for a dive! We considered that our wave goodbye wished it well! Trash/Recyclables: TWO Mylar balloons successfully retrieved! Sea you on the water next time! -Vanessa