The cetacean action was NON-STOP this morning! We chose to head south, toward the Los Coronados Islands of Mexican territory. Along our journey, we encountered pod after pod of Common Dolphins! Each group was highly interactive with our boat and varied in size. We estimated about 400-450 dolphins in total this morning! The conditions were perfect for whale searching/watching and each sub-group of Common Dolphins could be spotted from a far distance. In addition, a BLUE WHALE was found circling the same area. Although our encounter with it was brief, we enjoyed a great look at the largest animal on the Planet! On our way toward the coast, we spotted more mammals of a much smaller size..a raft of California Sea Lions!

We had been experiencing such unfavorable sea conditions over the last week that we’re thrilled to have a calm ocean again! We expect another beautiful day on The Pacific tomorrow. We hope to see you all on the water with us!

Trash/recyclables collected: 1 mylar balloon