Excellent visibility and sea conditions made for a great day on the water. Today, the marine mammals were on the move! We started the day out with bird activity seen across the horizon. This activity led us straight to Common dolphins! We encountered many scattered pods throughout the trip. Common dolphin pod sizes included 30, 80, 50 and 100 individuals. While on our way South to catch up with a huge dolphin pod, a massive spout popped up in front of us. We got super lucky in finding a single Blue whale that was traveling NW at pretty moderate speeds of 7-8 kts. We watched it surface for breaths, saw its back and dorsal fin. It had short dive times of 5-6 min. We left it to check out some very acrobatic Common dolphins, our largest pod of ~200 individuals. While watching them breach and porpoise all around us, the same Blue whale popped up in the mix! We got to see one last look as it surfaced a few times before going on a deep dive. As it prepared for the dive, it arched its back and raised its flukes high in to the sky! Many guests got to see the “wave goodbye”! During the afternoon cruise, we searched far and wide, but only a small handful of Common dolphins popped up while on our way out to deeper water. To our surprise, no other marine mammals were sighted throughout the trip. We will be back on the water tomorrow to try our luck once again. Hope to see you there! Trash/Recyclables: ZERO! -Vanessa